Digital Ocean

Simple Cloud Hosting, Built for Developers.

Digital Ocean is awesome! With their service you can get new hosting up and running in no time. They offer images for many server operating systems as well as pre-built stacks for the different types of apps you want to run. From LAMP to MEANWordpress to GhostRuby on RailsRedis, and many others. Choose the pricing that works for you and your needs starting at $5 a month per droplet. Plus, they have a ridiculous amount of really helpful tutorials for getting your system up and running, the best of which they will email you when you setup a new droplet. Use this link to Digital Ocean and get a $10 credit when you sign up. Then hit me up on Twitter @jasonmerino to let me know how you like it. I'd love to hear your experience!


A better way to share on social media

Buffer is a great way to distribute posts for your social media campaigns. Create a schedule for posting new statuses then as you browse and find things you want to share you can use their suite of tools and integrations to push updates to you posts buffer. Share to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. If you need to schedule a post for a specific time you can do that too. Buffer streamlines the workflow around your social media campaigns so you can spend your time doing all the other important tasks. If you love @buffer, feel free to share your experiences with me on Twitter @jasonmerino.


Go ahead. Forget your passwords.

1Password helps you manage the passwords to all your online identities. With browser extensions, mobile, and desktop apps and a price that's nearly unbeatable 1Password is an easy choice.

K552-N KUMARA mechanical keyboard by Redragon

I purchased this keyboard months ago and it has proven to be a fantastic investment. The keys have a good spring back and a satisfying click as you type away. It actually makes my day better just listening to myself type. Also, it's a very affordable mechanical keyboard. I picked this one up for around $25. If you are looking to get more enjoyment out of your daily typing, the K552-N KUMARA mechanical keyboard by Redragon is the way to go.