Let's Garden app journal entry screen

Let's Garden app for iOS

The Challenge

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. I love the calm of the outdoors. I love the relentless force of nature to survive and change and continue to show us new wonders. I also, love the learning aspect of gardening, of how to work with nature to produce its best results.

Unfortunately, I've have had a difficult time finding a quality journal app for keeping track of what I'm growing and what I've learned over the seasons.

The Result

I use React Native a lot in my full-time work, and I hadn't used the Expo flavor of React Native before this project, so I decided to experiment using Expo.

Expo was great in the beginning to get me started quickly, but over time some things started to slow me down. After a while of fighting through these things, I decided to convert over to a straight-up React Native project. To check the app out, visit the Let's Garden website.

Minhub Youth app events screen

Minhub Youth app for iOS and Android

The Challenge

The founder of Magic Makrs had an iOS app for youth pastors called Minhub Youth, which he wanted to have built out for Android as well. With this app, youth pastors could organize and keep track of their student and ministry events. The previous app was written in Objective-C with data persistence in Core Data, which synced over the Dropbox API. When he found out that API was going to be shut down, he came to me for a new solution.

The Result

The two main use cases of the app are as a local database used in offline mode and, conversely, a synced database that multiple users interact with in real-time. With these uses in mind, we decided on using the Realm offline-first database within a React Native app.

The app makes use of a local database for users who only need to use the app on one device. For users who need to track event attendance across multiple devices, their data gets synced through a Realm Cloud database.

Source Codes

Even though I don't currently use Github during my full time job, I still try and contribute here and there. Here are some of the repos that I've worked with recently.

A minimalistic wrapper around React Native's AsyncStorage.
Updated a month agoJavaScript

A higher-order component for listening to Realm data in React components.
Updated 10 months agoJavaScript

Updated 10 months agoTypeScript

A button for React Native
Updated a year agoJavaScript

An app for collecting generic metrics.
Updated 2 years agoJava

Snippet keyboard for iOS
Updated 2 years agoSwift

A stock photo browsing app for iOS in React Native
Updated 2 years agoTypeScript

A React Native clone of the iOS Unsplash app.
Updated 2 years agoObjective-C

A envelope budgeting system built with Ruby on Rails
Updated 2 years agoRuby

A React Native app that aggregates stock photo content
Updated 2 years agoTypeScript

I'm lazy, so I use lots of snippets
Updated 4 years ago